Bonjour Mortals!

I have never seen anybody disagree with the fact that life takes various turns, it does and it keeps on changing rapidly. That very turn compelled me to start a WordPress account out of nowhere, or maybe just to showcase my life with all the memoirs and souvenirs of the past. Lord, or whoever is in charge of the entire universe, has a plan for every single soul, that’s what I believe, so here I am with my plan.

I’m just another human being with various interests and beliefs. And very often, I get this weird urge to show this world how different I am from everyone. But peer pressures never bothered me. I love creating, so here I am with the things I’m passionate about, mostly writing, art and photography. I needed a platform where I could simply express myself without the disturbance (not fear) of getting judged by people. And other than Instagram, WordPress seemed like a pretty good place!

The reason why I chose Art, Writing and Photography as my passion is solely because they bring me peace, a different kind of satisfaction. Writing helps me express my life, my perspective, a truer version of who I am. Whereas art helps me cope up with stress, I wouldn’t say that I’m an artist because I can draw well, and honestly, I’m not too good at drawing or painting stuff. I believe that art is something that you feel, you don’t have to be extraordinarily good at drawing to be an artist. And the same applies to me, I’m not too good at drawing or painting but I definitely find beauty in everything, even in the most flawed up things, and that’s the reason why I call myself an “artist”, because I have the vision that only a few people in this world possess. And photography, well it is a hobby, I don’t own a camera, nor a tripod, I click pictures with my phone that make me happy and I edit them so that it can bring some amount of pleasure in the eyes of the person witnessing it, I deal with colours and aesthetics, so it is far away from normal photography, at least that’s what I believe.

As we all know, human beings are, well interesting. Life is weird. I don’t know who created it, nor am I interested in knowing that but it is painful indeed, or maybe it’s just the people who made it painful? Well that’s another story but whatever I do, it’s for the same human race that I hate from the core of my heart. Ironic right? The biggest irony lies in the fact that I’m a human too. Anyway, I hope my stuff can make you think a little, make you feel like you’re not the only one, and most importantly, I just hope that you like me, not as a person, but my mind, especially the things that this mind creates. Alright that must be enough! Happy browsing!!

Untangling the Complexities between Life and Art

Greetings! It’s been a while already. Time really goes by without leaving any trace. And that’s weird indeed. But anyway, as winter starts approaching, my inner philosopher returns from hibernation. So lately, several thoughts have been filling up my mind and this might be the right time to post something because it’s been a while… Continue reading Untangling the Complexities between Life and Art

The Art of Overthinking

There are three types of people in this world, 1. The Neverthinkers, 2. The Thinkers 3. The Overthinkers. If you belong to the 2nd category, congratulations, because you have a great grip over your head. If you belong to the 1st category, I don’t even have any word for you, you’ve attained enlightenment already! And… Continue reading The Art of Overthinking

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