The Art of Overthinking

There are three types of people in this world, 1. The Neverthinkers, 2. The Thinkers 3. The Overthinkers. If you belong to the 2nd category, congratulations, because you have a great grip over your head. If you belong to the 1st category, I don’t even have any word for you, you’ve attained enlightenment already! And if you belong to the 3rd category, like me then yes, this post is for you and I hope you can relate to some extent! (I hope so lol)

Overthinking ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a brain that can go through a million migraine attacks just to decide which coloured pen they should use for writing. No, I’m not exaggerating!

As I mentioned earlier, it just sucks to be a person who has so much to say but no mouth to speak. I mean, yes obviously I do have a mouth but words barely come out of it. No matter how hard I try to open up, it ends up turning into a failed attempt, all the damn time. But again, that’s another story… (I just get so carried away at times that I end up forgetting the actual topic I was supposed to work on)

Overthinking is just like time, even if you make up your mind that it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s always there, running with you. It’s like working on one browser page when 30 other tabs are running in the background. Overthinking has its pros and cons. And very often we end up thinking so much that we can’t figure out whether it’s a pro or a con. But before jumping to that part, lemme share some funny yet terrifying things that my mind creates.

First of all, I still do not know why do I have this weird feeling that the people around me do not care about my existence, no matter how much evidence does my mind have, to prove me wrong. For instance, if I go out with my family, and let’s say, I’m in a party, and my family waits outside as I bid goodbye to the other people, a part of my mind keeps on saying stuff like “they’re probably going home without you”,”they’ll leave you here and go home”, “they do not care about you or else they’d never have left you here”. And guess what? It ends up ruining my mood. And the fact that I have absolutely no control over it makes it even worse. As a result, I just cling to my mother, or a particular person I know whenever I go out, so that they don’t leave me alone. Like, if we think logically, they’re my family, why on earth they’d leave me? But the mind does what it does.. ugh.

Second, school was like a hell loop for me. Every single moment in school passed with several negative thoughts such as “they’re probably laughing at you”, “they don’t even like you, they have their own groups and people to care about and you’re not one of them”, “they’re gonna betray you, so don’t get too close to anyone”, “just stay away from everyone” etc. And as a result, I could not open up to anyone, not that I’m complaining because not just when it comes to overthinking, but people can be real snakes too. And in order to avoid them, it is necessary to maintain a superficial bond with everyone. But the con here is the fact that when you avoid everyone, you miss out some others as well who don’t belong in the snake category. But once again, a huge thanks to my overthinking because maybe that’s the reason I spent my entire school life without getting tangled in any drama or fight!

Third, overthinking creates really bad trust issues. No matter how much you suffer or go through, overthinking takes away your ability to trust anyone and as a result, you can’t trust anyone, no matter how close they are to you. And it can get pretty serious at times. That’s definitely a con because nobody gets affected by it as much as you do. Indirectly, you end up hurting yourself because of it.

Fourth, lack of sleep. It’s so hard to sleep at night when a million other things start messing around your head. This often leads to insomnia and can totally leave you tired and exhausted no matter how much sleep you get. As a result, many people suffer from tiredness and fatigue all day long. And keeping the seriousness aside, how do I explain it to my mom who thinks that I sleep late because I’m on my phone all the time 😭

Alright, that must be enough. These are some of my own experiences, I just shared 3-4 of them out of a million things that I face because of constant overthinking. All I can say is that, overthinking leads to nowhere, it just messes up your thinking and plays with your emotions. And I know that it is not given enough importance that’s why I decided to make an entire post on it. I am still struggling with WordPress because I have no idea how to complete a blog post, or how to frame or end it properly. Now I feel like I should’ve written more! But okay, that must be enough for today. And yes, most importantly, please do share your own experiences with overthinking so that I don’t feel like an alien, I really hope I’m not the only one who struggles with it! With this, lemme end it here for today. Au revoir!

14 thoughts on “The Art of Overthinking”

  1. Damn the school and the trust part hit really hard. This was really relatable. And I really enjoyed the whole article, you’re amazing!


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