Untangling the Complexities between Life and Art

Greetings! It’s been a while already. Time really goes by without leaving any trace. And that’s weird indeed. But anyway, as winter starts approaching, my inner philosopher returns from hibernation. So lately, several thoughts have been filling up my mind and this might be the right time to post something because it’s been a while since I posted anything.

A few days back I asked someone if art (any form) is as important as any other noble pursuits such as medical or enginnering. And she replied with “Art is equally important as any other professional field such as medical or engineering because ultimately both have the same impact. For instance, after a tiring day, the doctor will go home and listen to some music or watch a movie, which falls under the category of art. And the same goes vice versa, when an artist falls sick, they’ll go to the doctor to find a cure. That’s how it works, neither of them are any less or greater than the other. Both are necessary to survive.” And that’s something I wanted to scream out loud! The accuracy intrigued me.

There are two types of people, 1. The ones who create chaos and destruction and 2. The ones who create art to heal this world from the chaos and destruction caused by the first category that I mentioned. Sadly, there are people who still think that art is somehow quite useless. And I still have no idea why such people still exist.

Imagine resting in peace, somewhere in the void and all of a sudden you get snatched out of that void into the reality. And boom, you have a life now. You can breathe. And you spend your entire life waiting for death, so that you can go back to the void again. Life is short already and in this short span of time called life, art is the only thing worth experiencing and living for. Just take a moment and imagine your life without any creator or creation. How’d you feel? The colours will start fading and life would soon turn into hell. Imagine life without art, without colours, without music, without movies, without dance, without anything worth living for. Bland right? That’s exactly the impact of art on us. You might feel like art is not necessary to survive, but you won’t be able to survive without art.

Art itself is a language spoken by billions across the globe. From Vincent Van Gogh to Frida Kahlo, from John Lennon to Kurt Cobain, from Charles Dickens to Oscar Wilde, from Tagore to Nietzsche, everyone shared the same vision known as “art”. Regardless of the eras and generations they were born in. Art is a form of expression, it is a voice to the voiceless, a mind to the soul. Art is the biggest gift that has been given to us by the creator of this universe. Art is freedom, art is unity. Life is art and art is life. Art is oxygen for a million souls like mine. And without it, we’d simply die.

An artist doesn’t have to draw or master any particular art in order to possess an artistic vision/perspective. An artistic mind is enough to make one an artist. For example, there’s a student in a class, she remains quiet in school all day, doesn’t like socializing much, doesn’t score much in academics, spends time daydreaming and enjoys time alone. The society, also known as the people without an artistic vision will automatically assume that child to be a weirdo. They’ll never even go and help the child out but they’ll not leave any chance to criticize her. And on the other hand, a person with an artistic vision will try their best to bring out the child’s potential and they’ll help the child exploit her biggest strength to achieve whatever she wants to. Artistic minds tend to bring out the best in them as well as others, whereas the society isolates and criticizes the ones who are slightly different from them and their messed up expectations.

Artistic minds can accept difference easily, without any judgement or critical thinking. For example, although it is 2020 but the society still finds it hard to accept queer people, people from the LGBTQ+ community, people who look different, lead a different life, people with different body types, people who are unique and most importantly, the people who don’t follow the rat race that they created and never stopped since then. Whereas on the other hand, artistic minds tend to accept people and things easily. As a matter of fact, artistic minds tend to be a little different themselves.

Apart from the noble pursuits such as medical, law, engineering, we need more people in this world who can see through beyond. We need more painters, musicians, singers,actors,dancers, philosophers, poets, writers, healers, therapists, creators, and most importantly, peacemakers. After all, the only revolution and religion that can change the world for a better place, is nothing other than ART. Let’s encourage the crazies, the quiet ones, the dreamers, the queers, the isolated ones, the mysteries, the conquerors, the unknowns, the rebels and most importantly, the creators to step out and create whatever is possible.

Lastly, I’d like to conclude that if you aren’t born with an artistic mindset or are a huge fan of the way society created a mould where they want everyone to fit, let me tell you that life keeps on changing rapidly, and so should you. Art is about accepting people too. Make tiny efforts, stop bullying or messing with the people who don’t fall under your category of “perfect”, try to understand how people feel, try to mind your own business as much as possible, instead of going around starting petty fights and controversies, go and try to create whatever you can. Try to embrace the artist inside you, not the destroyer.

With that I would like to end my post here, I hope it made some sense to you. Lately I’ve been noticing the people around me, especially the younger generation, and most of them tend to destroy the peace around them. As a result I had to cut off contacts with the ones who were destroying my peace. And if I feel the need to get anyone out of my way, or if I feel like somebody is destroying my peace, I’d not think twice before cutting them off from my life completely. And so should you, if you don’t destroy anyone’s peace and you see them destroying yours, move on. They do not deserve your time and attention. As I said before, go and create. It’ll all heal. And that’s it, I’m ending it. I’ll try to post more and thank you so much for all the support and appreciation that I’ve received so far, it genuinely means a lot to me and helps me keep myself motivated, to write even further. Goodbye amigos!

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