About the Aesthete

“Aesthete in Solitude” is a site created by Sreenidhi who wants to share her deepest thoughts and art with this world.

“It might sound absurd or dramatic but after years of being quiet, getting ignored and left out, underestimated and shattered, this seemed like the perfect time to start interacting and sharing my mind with this world instead of trying to share it with those who don’t value my words.”

I’m Sreenidhi, the mind behind “Aesthete in Solitude”. And first of all, thank you so much, for taking out the time to read what I post. It genuinely means a lot to me! Growing up as an extremely shy and introverted kid, I didn’t get any chance to express my hidden thoughts and feelings no matter how much I wanted to. That’s why I had to choose the less used ways to cope up with everything that I lacked in life. When I felt like there was no hope for me, my mind was the only thing that always managed to bring back my hope. And my mind is the reason I am slowly becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

When kids of my age had friends, I had my diaries to write about the ways and the things I loved and hated about this world, art to keep me sane and a phone that helped me capture the stories I could never put into words. That’s how my love for writing, art and photography evolved and finally I decided to share my views and the untold tales of my life through WordPress. Expressing and sharing these three things that helped me fill every single void that I’ve had in my life. Just listen to what the universe has to say. And soon you’ll find or pave your own way. And most importantly, you’re not alone.

Instagram username: @aestheteinsolitude Email ID: justanotherhooman03@gmail.com